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For those who like to sunbathe

  • Sunbathing either on a beach or in a solarium is generally a tonic: it improves your blood circulation and skin metabolism and makes your immune system more resistant; it is vitamin D for your body. Solarium is also good for you if you have joint problems, psoriasis or acne. Artificial sun is an effective light cure, which is used to fight against cold and darkness. Solarium is a brilliant stress remover
  • In natural sunshine there are UVA, UVB and UVC rays. In solarium devices UVB rays (which accelerate tanning) percentage has been reduced. There are no harmful UVC rays in solarium devices. Nowadays quality class solariums’ ultraviolet rays’ irradiance has been adapted to the natural sun so that it is possible to use all the useful factors without any harm to the skin.
  • Artificial tanning is advisable before a beach holiday or before going into the bright sunshine – you should prepare your skin for hot weather. After summer 1-3 solarium sessions per month are enough to keep a good tan, because your skin already has more pigment.
  • It is recommended to begin tanning, depending on your skin type, for either 10 or 15 minutes. Later sessions could last 15-20 minutes. The frequency of tanning in the solarium depends on the persons’ skin type
  • daily solarium sessions are not advised, unless you wish to look old and wrinkled, as too frequent tanning makes the skin old. If the skin of your face is delicate and dry, beauticians do not recommend tanning your face in the intensive solarium device for more than 10 minutes. If you have an oily type of skin, the solarium inhibits the metabolism of the cells and reduces oiliness.
  • To protect your skin against solarium’s UV rays you can use special solarium cosmetic products, meant for use before, during or after sessions. These products hasten tanning, protect your skin, your complexion lasts longer and is smoother. It is advisable to use solarium creams just before the tanning session, because instead of absorbing they tend to rub off. It is enough to use a thin layer.
    Products for use after solarium tanning are hydrating, softening and help the skin
    restore. These products should be used straight after the session or on the day
    after visiting the solarium.
  • Always use eye-protecting goggles during your tanning session.

It is not recommended to use solarium: :

  • while taking strong medicines (e.g. antibiotics), because they increase sun sensitivity;

  • if one has serious or chronic inflammation; you should consult your doctor first;

  • when in doubt, it is always advisable to ask your doctor whether solarium is useful for you or not.