Diamond Microdermabrasion.

Diamond Dermabrasion is a crystal-free peeling system, which uses natural diamonds. It is an excellent alternative to laser or chemical peeling, as it affects only the outer layer of skin

(epidermis), is non-surgical and takes very little time for skin to recover.
Microdermabrasion is a skin care technique that refines, rejuvenates and softens your skin; it will cause no irritation.

The procedure is harmless, clean, careful and effective. After the treatment you can continue your daily activities.


Diamond Microdermabrasion is advisable on the following skin imperfections:
• sun exposure – face, neck, shoulders, arms, back
• ageing factors – arms and face
• wrinkles – around the eyes, forehead
• treatment of old scars
• removal of blackheads (comedones)
• removal of excessive pigment

• for rejuvenation

Effects: improved skin texture, the skin feels silky, smooth and clean straight after the first treatment. Freckles, pigment lesions and fine lines will disappeare or become less visible. Scars will be less noticeable. Clients feel that their skin is softer, smoother and younger.

Ultrasound Micromassage
Massage relaxes strained muscles and reduces swelling of under skin tissues, it helps to quicken skin metabolism, stimulates tissue cells, removes residues from the body, and, most important – due to the ultrasound, during the procedure the active ingredients and serums are absorbed deep under the skin, down to the lowest layers of tissue (no other massage has this effect).
The high frequency of the ultrasound machine stimulates fat cells down to 6 cm under your skin, which will help eliminate fat from the cells. It will considerably improve your skin’s humidity balance and slow down the ageing of the skin.